Flatbed Towing

When you need to tow a vehicle, your main concern is getting it out of the way as quickly and safely as possible. In many cases, flatbed towing is the best way to do that. Flatbed tow trucks are equipped with hydraulic lifts that can raise cars up off their wheels so they can be moved on a flat surface. This prevents any damage or scrapes from being caused in the process of transporting your vehicle

Why choose flatbed towing?

As a towing company, we want you to be happy with our service. That’s why we offer flatbed towing as an option for your vehicle transportation. Flatbed towing is the safest way to move your car, and it minimizes damages and scratches on your vehicle. It’s also more efficient than wheel lift services. 

Flatbed towing is the safest option for transporting your vehicle.

When you need to transport your vehicle, flatbed towing is the safest option for getting your car from Point A to Point B. When you have a flatbed tow truck service, they will bring their own equipment and tow your car onto their flatbed truck. This minimizes any damages that may occur during transport and also allows for easy movement of the vehicle once it arrives at its destination. Flatbed towing is quicker and easier than wheel lift towing because it doesn’t require extra time spent assembling or disassembling the lift before loading your vehicle onto it.

Flatbed trucks are equipped with ramps which allow them to drive up alongside your vehicle while keeping both cars in motion rather than having one parked while being loaded onto another as would happen with other types of services like roadside assistance or 24 hour emergency service providers who use wheel lifts rather than flatbeds when transporting vehicles between locations (such as between home garages).

Flatbed towing minimizes damages and scratches.

Towing your car on a flatbed is the most secure mode of transportation available.. This method minimizes damages and scratches while allowing you to drive your car onto the flatbed truck. Flatbed tow trucks are equipped with ramps that allow you to drive your car onto the flatbed truck, allowing for an easy transfer between vehicles.

Additionally, some flatbed tow trucks are equipped with hydraulic lifts that make it possible for them to lift a vehicle up off of its tires and place it on top of a trailer bed or into storage racks inside of the truck bed space itself.

Flatbed towing is quicker and easier than wheel lift towing.

When you need to get your car towed, it can be a stressful experience. But flatbed towing is faster and easier than wheel lift towing. This is because wheel lift towing requires the tow truck driver to raise your vehicle in order to fit it on their flatbed. Flatbeds are much larger than other types of tow trucks, so they have plenty of room for any size vehicle. A lot of times, this means that they don’t need to take time out of their day by raising yours!

In addition, the cost savings from choosing flatbed over wheel lift are significant—and we’ll show those costs below:

You can still drive the car if you choose a flatbed tow truck.

A flatbed tow truck is similar to a traditional tow truck. However, it has a flatbed frame instead of a dolly frame. The main advantage of this kind of towing service is that you can still drive your car if you choose it over another type of service (e.g., wrecker).

With the winch, your vehicle will be pulled onto the flatbed where it will remain until its destination is reached. Flatbed tow trucks can also tow multiple vehicles at once and they are able to handle wrecked cars that are otherwise inoperable due to damage or accidents.

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All in all, flatbed towing is the safest way to transport your vehicle. It’s simple, quick, and cheap.. If you want to save money on tow truck services or get an affordable price quote for flatbed towing, call us today!