Ways to Clean your Windshield

Cleaning your windshield is a simple and easy task. There are a few different ways to clean the windshield using Windshield Soap and rags. Just follow these steps:

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1. Get some Windshield Soap

  • Get some Windshield Soap

Windshield washer fluid is the liquid you use to clean your car’s windshield. It comes in two varieties: concentrate (which you mix with water) and pre-mixed. The easiest way to buy it is at a gas station or auto supply shop, but it should also be available online and at other retailers. There are many different brands of windshield washer fluid available, so there’s no need to get a specific brand unless you’re using this particular product for something else (like cleaning your house windows).

Depending on what kind of vehicle you own, one gallon of windshield washer fluid should last for about three months under normal usage conditions—though if you live in an area where snow falls often throughout wintertime or have lots of rain showers during summertime, then it may not last as long because those are both conditions that require more frequent cleaning than normal driving conditions would entail.


2. Put some of the soap on a rag

  • Use a soft rag to apply the soap.
  • Rinse the windshield with water from a bucket.
  • Use a squeegee to get rid of excess water and dry the window.

Now you’ve got clean windows!


3. Wipe it across the windshield

  • Wipe it across the windshield

Use a clean rag and use a circular motion, don’t wipe in a straight line. Don’t use paper towels; they leave lint everywhere. And don’t even think about using your hands—the oil from your skin will leave streaks on the glass and make things worse!


4. Wait for a bit

Once the soap is applied, it needs to be left on for at least a few minutes. You should not drive until you’ve rinsed off all of the soap, dried it and buffed it off.


5. Wipe it off with another rag

Clean the windshield with a clean, dry rag.

Wipe the windshield dry with a clean, dry rag.



Cleaning the windshield can be quick and easy

Cleaning your windshield can be quick and easy. You can do it yourself with soap and water, or you can use a windshield cleaning service. If you prefer to skip the elbow grease, there are many commercial products that will do the trick for you.



We hope that you found these tips on how to clean a windshield useful. If you want more information, check out our Blog page.